The abundance of commercial airlines has led countless people off airports, and that number is increasing. When you need to arrive someplace, why not arrive closer and faster in a much shorter time span? If you go the usual way, you usually wait over an hour to catch a plane, then spend an hour commuting in order to get to your destination. Still this can be a thing of the past. Now you can get where you want to get by using Gulfstream aircrafts.

3 Gulfstream Superstar Jets to Traverse the Skies with

The Gulfstream 650 Goes Faster Than Ever

The Gulfstream G650 has combined speed and grace with style and comfort to give its riders the best experience possible. The engineers of the Gulfstream brand have worked hard to set a whole new standard in the world of business travel. These engineers labored effortlessly to push the ante on every area of performance in the new Gulfstream 650. Because of this effort, the jet is able to fly at speeds you’ve never encountered as well as provide the smoothest ride you’ve ever been on.

The jet offers a 92% of the speed to sound ratio over thousands of miles by using fly-by-wire precision and a design that creates a quieter ride with more room and more technology than ever before. The Gulfstream 650 is going to allow for up to 19 passengers while sleeping 10 efficiently. The highest you will ever be able to cruise at is 51,000 feet above the ground.

The Gulfstream G550 Offers Flexibility

The Gulfstream G550 is very efficient, with the ability to fly up to 6,750 miles continuously. It is able to operate out of the short field, high altitude airports. This jet uses the engines of two Rolls-Royce’s to thrust the plane in motion and keep it going. You are able to fly from NYC to Dubai in a single trip. By being able to fly at this level, there’s no delay to stop for more fuel or to pay any additional fees for landing elsewhere. Because of its impressive range, owning one saves both time and, in turn, money.

The cabin is equipped to seat up to 19 people in one jet and will sleep 8 comfortably. Your maximum altitude will top out at 51,000 feet above the ground. The Gulfstream website offers details about pricing and customer reviews.

The Gulfstream G450 Offers Features Such as Satellite TV and Wi-Fi

When you want to fly without any connections from one place to another, you want to use the best. In the lightweight jets class, the Gulfstream g450 allows for you to fly up to 4,350 miles without needing to stop for a refuel. This cuts the cost of operating as well as cutting your travel time. Most privately held jets will only be able to fly 1,000 miles before you need to stop for fuel which adds to your travel time as well as the cost of travel due to landing fees.

The Gulfstream is able to seat 8 people comfortably, however, will allow for a maximum load of up to 19 people in one jet. If you are interested in owning this jet, you should pay a visit to the specific section of the Gulfstream website.

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More about Guflstream Jets

A Greener Travel Experience

Gulfstream jets have earned their respect for the way it combines engineering with design technology to bring you the best in its class of personal aircraft. The research and development team uses the next level of technology to bring you more features than ever before. By combining composites that have never been used in aircrafts before with new techniques, you get a much lighter aircraft than before. Not only this, but the structure of the Gulfstream jets is more durable which helps to increase your fuel mileage and cuts down on the carbon dioxide emissions.

NASA Powered Luxury

The partnership between the Gulfstream jets company with the U.S National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known to most as N.A.S.A., has allowed for the development of the Quiet Spike. The patent design for the nose mounted telescope spike is engineered to help eliminate the effects of the sonic boom when reaching supersonic speeds. Because of this design, Gulfstream jets will definitely be in the lead for personal aircraft innovation for many more years to come.

The team of researchers and developers have also allowed for more research to be done on the cabin experience you have while flying in Gulfstream jets.

Keeping up with Tech

The new touchscreen technology found in the jets will allow for you to better control the lighting to the window shades next to the seats. The entertainment portion allows for the handheld devices from Apple to Android to be connected to other devices while flying.

Staying Healthy above All Else

In the new G650, the ability to connect to health care professionals on the ground is changing how medical emergencies are handled when on board the jet. The use of PlaneConnect Health and Monitoring has allowed for those who are pre-selected to receive information from the plane while in flight to better diagnose and handle real-time medical emergencies. This helps to save hundreds who otherwise might experience a life-threatening emergency while in flight.

Things like a heart attack can be better-handled thanks to the PlaneConnect monitoring. When an emergency arises, a technician will be alerted and help can be then given through the use of an app or real-time call. What other company can give you this when flying? Not many, that’s for sure. That’s why Gulfstream is a leader in the world of personal aircraft.

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