Luxury watches are not an accessory that are limited to men. Women have plenty of beautiful designer watches to choose from, all made from well-known brands such as Rolex, Dolce & Gabbana, and more. If you are interested in purchasing a stylish and attractive timepiece that will show off your own personal style and level of professionalism, be sure to check out these recommendations for the best women’s luxury watches in 2018.

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What are the ​​​​Characteristics for a Women’s Luxury Watch?​​​​

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In this age of smartphone devices, it seems that the common wristwatch has gone out of style. However, the elegance of a luxury watch will always be an acceptable accessory that brings out the beauty of your professional wardrobe. Most luxury watches cost thousands of dollars, yet they are made to last and can be a worthwhile investment. The things that you should look for when it comes to choosing the very best women’s luxury watch include the brand, the overall quality of the construction, what features the watch has, the style and the price.

The 9 Best Women’s Luxury Watches for 2018

There are several factors that go into the making of a luxury watch. But what it all comes down to is the overall quality of the product and its unique style. Check out these recommendations for the best women’s luxury watches for 2019 if you are looking for a new stylish accessory.


product photo of Dolce & Gabanna Sofia Pink Gold luxury watch

The Dolce & Gabbana Sofia line of watches feature an elegant and timeless style with a modern touch. This minimal timepiece features a sleek geometric appearance with 18 karat pink gold accents and a 100% pure pink silk satin strap. The shimmering dial is made from pink enamel and features pink gold-plated hands. This is an extremely delicate and luxurious looking feminine watch that will compliment your professional attire.


product photo of Rolex Lady-Datejust 26 Gold Dial 18k Yellow Gold luxury watch

Rolex is a name that’s synonymous with quality and luxury, and this women’s 18k Gold watch is no exception. The Lady Datejust series features a more affordable line of luxury timepieces from the brand without shying away from the quality details. This eye-catching watch features a Pink Jubilee Diamond dial and face that perfectly compliments the two-tone band.


Vacheron Constantin is a Swiss watch brand that constructs some of the most complex watches in the industry. The Overseas line was first introduced in the 21st century and quickly became a favorite among those who appreciate a sporty yet luxurious look. The smaller Women’s Overseas model comes with three interchangeable bracelets and 84 dazzling round-cut diamonds set on the six-sided bevel.


product photo of Piaget Polo Fortyfive Lady Watch

Another ladies watch from a Swiss manufacturer, the Piaget Polo Fortyfive Lady Watch features a slim design and is decorated in semi-precious stones. It has precision movement and like many other timepieces from this brand, the Fortyfive Lady Watch has an avant-garde style. The elegant look and large numbers give this watch a semi-casual look that makes it great for the office or a night out.


product photo of Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Squadra Lady Duetto Pink Gold luxury watch

The Jaeger-Lecoultre Reverso Squadra Lady Duetto Pink Gold watch is another Swiss timepiece from a collection that has been around for 85 years ago. This luxury sports watch features a reversible case that allows you to change up the look from elegant to casual in seconds. The watch features a square face wit polished gold-plated numbers and a black rear dial that has a visible oscillating rotor.


product photo of Patek Philippe Ladies’ Calatrava luxury watch

The Patek Philippe Ladies Calatrava watch is a semi-casual elegant timepiece that works no matter what type of activity you may be doing. You can wear to the office for that important business meeting, or to the grocery store to pick up necessities. It has a beautiful blue hue and striking baguette diamonds set in the bezel that help complete the timeless look.


product photo of Bulgari Serpenti Incantati luxury watch

If you are looking for a feminine luxury watch that has a little more artistic flair, the Bulgari Serpenti Incantati is an excellent choice. Bulgari has produced Serpenti jewelry since the 1930s and continues to create the timeless pieces today. The look of this watch is stunning. It features 116 brilliant-cut pave diamonds snow set along the entire length of the serpent and another set of 20 diamonds that finish off the piece.


product photo of Lange and Sohne Saxonia Mother-of-Pearl and Diamond Watch

Large and Sohne is known for creating elegant timepieces that are technically precise. The Mother-of-Pearl and Diamond Watch features a second-hand dial that bottom and a simplistic yet gorgeous design that makes it a true work of art. This is one highly sophisticated fashion piece.


product photo of Blancpain Women Jour Nuit

Blancpain has been in the watch industry for centuries and is known for manufacturing high-end quality timepieces that are designed to last. The Jour Nuit is a large watch that features two exclusive movement which places more attention on the overall function of the watch instead of the size. It features 50 yellow sapphires and a moon made from 50 diamonds with an additional, 14 diamonds that represent the stars.

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Women’s luxury watches are more than just a fashion statement, they show off your own individual style and their function is just as practical as any lower-priced classic watch. These watches may feature precious stones and metals, but they can also help you stay on schedule as needed.

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