What would a modern man cave be without the presence of insanely awesome looking, practical and expensive accessories that make their owners’ lives more comfortable on a daily basis? The good news is that luxury goods enthusiasts who are willing to spend top dollar on new inventions have the chance to add some exciting and innovative products to their shopping lists.

3 Fresh, Innovative Products Promise to Deliver Significant Health and Lifestyle Improvements

Some of the latest buzz-worthy creations unveiled during this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) respond to the needs of homeowners who focus on their health and wellbeing, or simply wish to save time, simplify some of their most tedious household chores, and turn their environment into a smarter, more connected place. Here are three of the most stunning new devices that match this description, and will likely become available for purchase in the near future.

Fitness Tracking Ring

At this point, consumers who are striving to reach bolder health and fitness goals have the opportunity to choose from a great variety of gadgets that keep them focused on their objectives. In a sea of bulky, more or less portable devices serving this purpose, the activity and sleep tracking ring introduced by Motiv stands out from the crowd effortlessly.

Its makers have managed to combine the complex functionality of a fitness band with the minimalist design and ease of a ring. Their titanium-encased gadget plays different roles that have a major impact on the user’s wellbeing and decision-making process, including sleep and fitness tracking. The device also keeps track of the number of steps users take on a daily basis, and the number of calories they manage to burn. The fitness tracking ring also packs an optical heart rate sensor, and has a battery life of up to five days.

Smart Wireless Earphones

Luxurious, Practical, and Futuristic Gadgets

Courtesy: hereplus.me

Music lovers looking for wireless earphones offering more control over the sounds in their environment may be pleased to hear that Here One is the recently unveiled gadget that may just address all their needs. With just a few swipes, users can reduce unwanted noise, access Google Now and Siri, stream music, amplify speech, and also take calls. The two tiny earbuds and a connected app make all this possible, giving prospects the chance to make the most of an advanced, yet incredibly user-friendly wireless listening system that allows them to decide what they want to hear, and also what they want to cover. Priced at $300, this system is expected to become available in March 2017.

An Intelligent Remote for Just about Anything around the House

Luxurious, Practical, and Futuristic Gadgets

Courtesy: remote.sevenhugs.com

Many people dream about a gadget that would enable them to control every gadget in their homes at the touch of a button. With these prospective buyers in mind, Sevenhugs has designed a truly special Smart Remote that controls virtually any home element homeowners may point at, including thermostats, blinds, cams, speakers, lights, TV and media.

According to its manufacturers, the Smart Remote is the only remote we will ever need to gain full control over our appliances at home or at the office. This ingenious device is compatible with more than 25,000 devices, and gives its users the chance to control any gadget via Bluetooth, Infrared, or Wi-Fi. Due to its originality and remarkable usability, this innovative product took home no less than three CES 2017 awards, and was recognized as the most innovative product listed in the Smart Home category. The good news is that this handy device can already be pre-ordered, and carries a price tag of just $229.